10 or 20?

A wall of death
Full of flavour
And life
Up in smoke


Shame about the weather…

Beautiful service

Shame about the weather
Beautiful dress
Shame about the screaming child
Beautiful hymns
Shame no-one knew them
Beautiful couple
Shame about their families

Beautiful love
Shame about the singing
Beautiful grace
Shame about the sermon
Beautiful sacrifice
Shame about the liturgy
Beautiful Jesus
Shame about the religion

The hands of God

Once you place yourself
In the hands of God
There’s no way off
Open hands
That stretch for miles
Not grabbing
Or choking
Or stifling
Just supporting

Everlasting hands
Patiently underneath me
As I run in circles
Created by my own free will
For my significance
Which is so close
Supporting me
That I forget to see it
Sense it
Feel it
All around me

Letter to Anya and Elliot on their Thanksgiving (2 May 2010)

Dear Anya and Elliot

In days to come you may wonder why we put you in front of a church full of people, so I thought I would write you a letter to explain. Hopefully one day you’ll read this and it will make sense to you both.

Today is the chance for Mummy and me to say “Thank You” to God, in front of all these people, for the privilege of being your parents. To say thank you to God for lending you two wonderful children to us.

We want to say to God and to all the people here that we promise to try to bring you up to know that God knows you and loves you, that Jesus is your best friend and that God’s Holy Spirit can and will help you all through your lives. We want to promise to teach you to love God, to love each other, to love the people in this room and though this may seem like something impossible, to love all the people you meet, like Jesus would.

It may be that God’s big plan for Mummy and me is to try to make sure that we do those things so that you two can change the world you live in and help more people find out about Jesus. If that’s the case then we would be happy to do just that. That would be a wonderful plan for us.

Thank you for what you both already teach us about God’s love.

We know that we’re not perfect, so hope you don’t mind us asking our friends and family here to help us with the important job of being examples of God’s love to you – to teach you how to have compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.