The Edge of the Ocean

Instead of drowning
In an ocean of grace
I stand on the edge
On the beach
And allow it
To lap at my feet
Never plucking up courage
To plunge in
And the tides of my sorrows
Anguish and anxiety
Pull me away
To dryness
Left wondering
How God has moved away
Pulled away his grace
Until I remember
His love never changes
Has no tides
And would not desert me

And though he could swamp me
With a tsunami of love
He would rather
I came to play and splash
In the rock pools
The shallows
The waves
And jump in
To submit
To the undercurrent of love
In his vast ocean
Of grace

But for now
I venture forward
To rest by the beach
Building castles with wet sand
Soaked in in his grace
The wetness pressing
Watching the waves
Longing for the depths
Finding any excuse
And distraction
To resist the gentle pull
Of the ocean of grace


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