If Jesus lived here

He would take the locks off the doors
for those who still needed to use them
I’d ask him to build us a bigger dining room table and a tree-house
and sit at his feet instead of doing the housework
I’d try not to keep Him all to myself
then ask him to listen to the songs I’ve written

I’d take him to work and hide him under my desk
and ask him to heal people
or pass me post-it notes
with words of knowledge
and prophecy for my patients
because I can’t hear his voice very well
No change there then
though I’d have to learn to read Greek
or Hebrew
or Aramaic

Every meal would have a bread and wine course
and we’d do fish on the barbeque for breakfast
with story telling for the children
and grown ups
It would be like heaven on earth
If Jesus lived here


Roads to Damascus

was there ever only one
Road to Damascus experience?
Do you have to be
a persecutor
to have this happen to you?
Or just the potential
To write
A lot of letters?
What if this happened
To everyone?
Why doesn’t it?
Do we not have the ears
to hear
or eyes
to see?

How does an eye look after a foot?

Or a hand look after a belly button?
Except to realise
Make real
the knowledge
and attitude
that one is connected to the other
as one body
when one part hurts
we all
we weep
with those that weep

the body may function
without a foot
but it will limp
and be unbalanced
surely people
are superior
to prosthetics

How can we not?

How we love one another
is how others
will know
we follow the way
the word

How can we not?
what stops us
from loving each other?

Lack of love of God
Lack of love for God
Lack of love for ourselves

How can we?
what helps us
to love each other

Can frameworks facilitate?
Or is it just too personal?
A gift?
A fruit?