Nature or nurture?

IMG_2775 IMG_2774Elliot, who is 4 years old got to the top of the climbing wall yesterday, and back down again without any problem.

His mum and I met though the University Climbing Club.

So is his ability nature or nurture? Or a bit of both?

I also recently found the following video. A world champion female climber, married another climber and surprise, surprise one of their children is a climbing prodigy.

Where do you place the locus of control for the way life turns out for you? Is it a result of genetics and the hand you were dealt, the way you were treated or the way you melded all those things together with your character?


2 thoughts on “Nature or nurture?

  1. wow. that wall that Elliot is climbing is pretty bloody high! Cool. Surely it is a bit of both. But aren’t more kids naturally more adept at climbing than adults. I mean, do they have lighter bones or something? They certainly have a smaller frame to carry up the wall. I suppose they need the encouragement to pursue a particular sport or hobby (and that is where the nurture argument comes in, I guess).


    • Children probably have a better strength to weight ratio. Innate physical ability and build probably innate. There is a theory that ALL personality is nurture…


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