Father’s Day: we can change the world

this is a reblog from my friend Olly, with my own thoughts.

I have recently thought that our children are sent to transform and teach us how to become better people.

Who else knows how to press our buttons and expose our lack of patience, kindness, self-control…?

Maybe we should see them as our teachers, sent to help us become better people and begin the process of making the world a better place, instead of leaving it to the next generation?

Perhaps learning and teaching works best when it’s a 2-way process?

The P Word

I hate melodramatic headlines. The world is full of lazy newspaper sub-editors who never let the truth of a story get in the way of a good headline.

So, you may ask, why have I gone for such a bold title in the run-up to this Sunday’s Father’s Day?

To put it bluntly, because I believe that parenting transforms families for generations. That’s the main reason why I got into this suff in the first place. Good (encouraging, supporting, loving, present, etc.) parenting helps form children who may well go on to become parents themselves, and much of what they do will (at least in part) be a reflection of what they’ve seen and experienced themselves. With any luck, this will be adapted and built on by their kids and their grand-children. And so on. Nearly everything good that I do as a Dad is thanks to the example set by…

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