Entering the discussion about GP exams and discrimination

I couldn’t make a further comment on an article about this here, so have continued the conversation on my blog…

Thanks for your comment Una, and the other anonymous person. I did not intend to appear condescending – apologies if that was the case – the written word perhaps doesn’t always convey the tone, or maybe, as suggested i am barking up the wrong tree, or even the wrong orchard.

I was merely trying to present an alternative point of view, from the point of view of someone of an ethnic minority background and from a family that has in the past battled and lost in a fight against discrimination by the medical establishment. No intention to offend was meant.

In reality I have no idea whether the CSA process is racist, discriminatory, accidental or otherwise. I do think that the CSA either directly, or indirectly (perhaps inadvertently?), tests the ability of candidates to communicate within the consultation, as well as their clinical knowledge (as I mentioned in my previous comment).

What I wonder about is whether or how this is influenced by culture and language? I don’t really know the answer, I am merely asking a (provocative) question and swimming against the tide of opinion here…

Una – apologies for the delay in replying to you – this forum doesn’t notify one of new comments, unfortunately. I haven’t had the opportunity to hear or read the evidence you talk about. It sounds ominous, indeed! I’m quite happy to accept that I am wrong – I am merely offering conjecture, and perhaps hoping that it’s not true

A question for you:
Do you, or others, think things would be so bad or have reached this point if the RCGP and perhaps other Royal Colleges were open and honest up front about how IMG’s may find exams more difficult to pass? Or is the inherent problem that the exams are more difficult for IMGs?

Happy to continue the conversation on Twitter @sdawlatly or via my blog which you can find on my profile page, as I’m unlikely to come back to this thread.

Best wishes



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