response to overmedicalisation article by non-medic friend

COURTESY OF Martin Westcott:

The Internet is a fantastic and open resource which enlightens us all. If my washing machine is bust that’s where I look first, if my car is bust I search forums looking for answers. I heard a Neil young song the other day and was so moved that I googled and within minutes learnt about the horror of the Kent State massacre. Given the speed with which one can learn of all manner of man’s learning how can we ignore the health of our bodies? If one is so moved to decide a doctors visit is in order in the modern world the uncomfortable appointment call would likely only follow after many hours of googling. It is unfortunate that once you find symptoms that may correlate to some terrible affliction your mind will not let you forget that this could in fact be true for you, 
This surely means the googling class will return to you petrified with fear overtly or not again and again. 
Am I a googler, would i wait three weeks to see a doctor having not googled?
We are lucky to have free doctors in the uk.. If I lived elsewhere google might be my sole consultant.


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