Did he say “church”?

Thaddeus: What’s he saying to old reed-features now?

Bartholemew: To Simon?

T: Yeah, did you catch anything?

B: Well, Thaddeus, sounds like he wants him to change his name.

T: Change his name, to what?

B: Well I didn’t quite catch the language he was using, but I could have sworn he said he should be called a stone…

T: Stone? Surely Tone or Tony?

B: No he said “Cephas”, you know, stone.

T: Why stone?

B: Well this is the bit that puzzles me even more…

T: Go on, man.

B: Well he said he was going to build something on the stone.

T: Build what?

B: Well, I’m not entirely sure…

T: You mean like a house that the wise man built, you know in that story he tells?

B: No, no, something different.

T: Well what do you build on a stone that is not a building?

B: That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

T: A temple?

B: I know what a temple is and it wasn’t that!

T: Well what then? What did he actually say Bart?

B: I think he said “church”.

T: What’s that?

B: No idea!

T: What language is that?

B: Look! I don’t know! It’s probably Greek or something.

T: But Greek for what?

B: For, err… you know…err… “church”

T: Well I can see why he’s chosen not to build it on you! Church, eh?

B: Mmmm… doesn’t strike me as one of his better plans.

T: We’ll have to see.


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