Parabolic Parables

Last year I was amazed to have a book published on Proost, which you can buy a digital copy of here

Or a hard copy to give away when you’ve finished with it here:

All royalties have been passed on to Karis Neighbour Scheme, in Ladywood. I think about 50 copies were sold. I’m planning to “serialise” the parables on this blog, so you don’t even have to buy them

Would love to hear if you find them helpful, interesting, provoking.

For starters, here’s the intro:


This is a collection of poems and short stories, based entirely on the teachings of a 1st Century Palestinian Jewish rabbi. They are normally known as “parables”. The word parable comes from the same Greek root word as parabola.


Some stories have been modernised, others have been deliberately altered to create a parody of the original. Hopefully both retain the essence of what was first spoken around 2000 years ago.













S. Dawlatly

November 2012



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