The Lost Son

The younger of two sons told his father

‘I don’t want to go to university

I want the tuition fees money you’ve saved’

His father agreed

So he packed and went off travelling

Settling in a far-off land

He wasted all his money in wild living

And an economic crisis hit the land

Starving, he persuaded

A local official to hire him

Salvaging plastic at the town dump

He was so hungry

Even the rubbish he was sorting through

Looked good enough to eat

Finally he said to himself:

‘Even the hired help at home have enough food

And here I am dying of hunger

I’ll go home and say:

‘Father, I’ve been an idiot

Wasted everything you’ve given me

You should no longer consider me your son

Please hire me as a servant’

So he returned home

By working his passage on cargo boats

And hitch-hiking

And as he reached his road

His father saw him coming

Filled with love and compassion

He ran to his son

Hugged and kissed him

He hardly listened to his son’s apology

But ran to the house

Brought out his best suit

And a gold signet ring

And arranged a hog roast that evening

‘This son of mine was dead and lost

Now he’s found and back to life’

So the party began

Whilst the older son was still at work

On his return he heard

The revelry in the house

And soon found out

His brother was back

His return being celebrated lavishly

He was angry and wouldn’t enter the house

‘All these years I’ve slaved away

Always done what you’ve told me

Never let you down

And you’ve never thrown a party

Like this for me’

His father replied

‘Look, you have always been faithful

Everything I have is yours

But we had to celebrate

Your brother is found

And back from the dead’


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