The Board Members

The CEO of a large company

Was involved in a complex takeover bid

And had to leave the running

Of the parent company

In the hands of the members of the board

To each of the board members

He entrusted £100,000 to be invested

While he was gone

Months later

Once the takeover was complete

The board met together

He wanted to find out what profits

Had been made

The first board member reported:

‘Boss, I invested your money

Into venture capital

And made one million pounds!’

‘Great’ the CEO exclaimed

‘You are a good businessman

You have been diligent

With what I gave you

So you will be director

Of ten subsidiary companies

As your reward.’

The next board member reported,

‘Boss, I invested your money in shares

And made £500,000’

‘Well done!’ the CEO said

‘You will be director over five subsidiaries’

But the third board member

Had only the original amount of money

‘Boss, I kept your money in a safe

 I was afraid of you

As you’re a hard-nosed businessman’

‘You lazy idiot!’ the CEO roared

‘If you knew that I’m a hard-nosed businessman

Why didn’t you at least deposit my money in the bank?

To earn a bit of interest

Now give your £100,000

To the one who mad a million

And clear your desk – you’re fired!

Those who invest well with what they are given

Will receive more

But those who do nothing worthwhile

With what they have

Will have even that taken from them’


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