celebrity effects on health-seeking behaviour. from BMA news 12.4.14

This post has now been put up on the BMA Blog website here


2 thoughts on “celebrity effects on health-seeking behaviour. from BMA news 12.4.14

  1. Hey Samir, its a sad and starkl reminder of the Socio economic divide and mental health. This lady does need REHAB; Rehab from a non supportive culture. I think her Question is pertinent we provide resuce only for those who have fallen way down the ladder into alcohol or drug use, unless of course you have the means to take frequent breaks. I cheekily empathise with patients like this and suggest that they do need a prescription for 3 weeks in Fiji but I have run out already of the script pad and its on back order. Hammock therapy I call it. Subtely this also reframes it as not them personally failing at life but that life sometimes fails us. Its a reminder to take up opportunities for self care if there is any thing I can winkle out of such a demanding life style as this patient presents, I try.

    Regarding your exhaustion yes its hard to feel helpless with this stuff presenting every day and no GP no matter how good can fix social problems and fragmentation of support services in the community. Political advocacy for family support services and upstream mental health programs.
    Education, skilss training, child care housing on and on it goes. Nice blog.


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