The Ten Fans

Ten fans of a pop star

Went to a festival

To try to meet their hero

They took their torches

And waited behind the backstage area

Five of them were foolish

And five were wise

The foolish ones didn’t take spare batteries for their torches

But the other five were wise enough

To take along extra batteries

When the pop star was delayed

They all became drowsy and fell asleep

At midnight they were roused by a shout

‘Look, he’s is coming!

Come out and meet him!’

All the fans got up

And turned on their torches

Then the five foolish ones asked the others,

‘Please give us your spare batteries

Because our torches are fading’

But the others replied

‘We don’t have enough for all of us

Go to a shop and buy some for yourselves.’

But while they were gone to buy batteries

The pop star came

Those who were ready

Were invited backstage for the concert

And the gate was locked

Later, when the other five fans returned

They stood outside, calling

‘Open the door for us!’

But security said

‘Believe me, he doesn’t know you!

You should have been ready when he came’


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