Stop press: CQC ban shoes in GP Surgeries

In a press release today the Care Quantity Commission outlined their new plans for standards of hygiene for GPs. Amongst the 247 new measures to be included in practice assessments are new guidelines about the wearing of shoes that have touched the ground outside the surgery.

From April next year if GPs want to wear shoes that have been worn elsewhere they will have to provide a shoe-cleaning schedule that they are following at home and install a disinfectant mat at the staff entrance to be used when they come to work. Alternatively GPs will have to change their shoes in a designated area, not dissimilar to an airlock on a spaceship.

In other measures GPs that have hobbies such as gardening, climbing, car maintenance or GPs that have children in nappies will have to provide home hand-cleaning schedule and submit weekly hand swabs. Alternatively they will be allowed to consult through a glass partition as found at reception and don protective clothing to examine patients in a separate area.

Chairman, Steve Meadow told reporters, “For a long time we have suspected that GPs are in fact the source of all known germs and infections that afflict the general public. These plans are in response to the threat posed by that.”

Comments for the Royal Collage of GPs were too boring to put onto print and the General Practice Committee of the BMA was busy untwisting it’s knickers at the time if going to press.


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