Jeremy Hunt outlines homeopathic process to produce more GPs

Today at the annual conference of the RCGP Jeremy Hunt revealed how he would provide 5000 more GPs by 2020.
“We will take a GP and withdraw a pint of blood, then take that blood and pour it into a swimming pool. Then we’ll stir it all up and take a pint of that water and then add it to another swimming pool. You get the picture?”
Yes we do Mr Hunt…
“Then repeat the process another 10 times so that you have a homeopathic essence of a GP in the final, potent dilution. In the final step, which I think is absolute genius, you take any graduate with a 2:1 degree in Biosciences and get them to swim in the potent swimming pool and hey presto – they can be a GP.
At a later stage Mr Hunt plans to reveal plans explain how £100,000,000 can be divided fairly between 8,000 practices, using a concept known as homeopathic maths – less is more after all.

One thought on “Jeremy Hunt outlines homeopathic process to produce more GPs

  1. He’s actually going to use the successful model from teaching and offer any top graduate from a given university the chance to have a summer of training before being allowed to be a GP for a couple of years in a poor area where it doesn’t matter if a few mistakes are made before they go onto their banking jobs…..problem solved.


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