RSPCA called to remove elephant in the room from #RCGPac

Yesterday concerned GPs called the RSPCA to remove a trapped elephant in the room from the collage conference. Delegates wondered what the stink was when politicians addressed the audience.

“I thought it was just the smell emanating from the Secretary of State, but then I thought I might have stepped in something,” one delegate told reporters, “It was not until Dr Georgie Di Stephanio pointed out the elephant that I noticed it. Do you have a good brush to remove elephant dung from my shoes?”

An RSPCA spokesman note, “This elephant has been neglected for too many years by the Royal Collage, the Generic Practitioner’s Committee and of course the government itself. In fact judging from the smell in here I would say that someone has been flinging its excrement around.”

There are now talks of finding a safari park somewhere in the Cotswolds to rehouse the elephant, whilst GPs adjust to the first breath of fresh air for many years.


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