A Numbers Game -Politicians 1-0 NHS


The lady in the blue dress strides up to the platform and proudly proclaims that her team will make 6000 new GPs within five years. The man in the red tie behind her chuckles. “Is that the best you’ve got? We’ll guarantee 8000 new GPs within 5 years!”

The other teams wait in the wings with their own numbers ready to trot out, each gaudier and glitzier than the last. In front of them, a cat yawns and then skulks away under a fence into the playground where a boy and a girl argue over the biggest number possible. Infintity+1 wins as always.

Meanwhile, at the front line in surgeries up and down the country, staff wonder how the man in the red tie can make 8000 new GP’s in five years when it takes ten years in the real world. Maybe he’s a magician? They also wonder how the lady…

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