The artist at the water cooler

“You go on ahead and get some lunch
I’ll just rest here, get me a takeaway”
The entourage left the Artist
As he sat down
Next to an empty water cooler
With no cups
An office assistant appeared
Dragging a barrel of water
Behind him
The assistant lowered his eyes
And heaved the barrel into place
“Will you give me a drink?”
He asked as the water glugged
“How can you even speak to me?
I am just an office junior”
For Artists do not associate with juniors
“If you knew who I was,
you would have asked me
to quench your thirst for life”
“Sir,” the junior said, “you have no cup
to use the water cooler.
You are thirsty yourself
How can you quench my thirst?
Are you the greatest Artist
That ever lived
That you can create water itself?”
The artist answered
“Everyone who drinks this water
From this cooler
will be thirsty again,
But whoever takes in what
I create
Will never thirst.
Indeed, what I give them
Will sustain and motivate them
The junior said to him,
“I’ll have some of that!
Better than lugging water barrels around”
The artist told him
“Go bring your friends and come back”

Room for the trinity

You said you left
To make way
For the Spirit
For subsequent
Hellenic thinking
Your body-Spirit split
That is
But we're the body now
So perhaps
It was just that
This world
Isn't big enough
For more than one 
Member of the trinity
At a time


And while I’m away
I’m leaving the fiancée in charge
Have you met her?
She’s the one
Who behaves like a whore
Has been unfaithful
On numerous occasions
Been violent
Lusted after fame
And fortune
But what can I do?
I love her endlessly
She’s my bride
And even
If she’s messed
With your own heart
And head
You should love her
And live with her too
Apart from second hand words
She’s all you’ve got
Of me